Interkultureller Austausch: Österreich – Ghana

Die Englischgruppe der 4cd hatte dieses Jahr die Möglichkeit, an einem interkulturellen Austausch mit SchülerInnen des „Christlove Educational Complex“ in Kumasi, Ghana teilzunehmen. Es wurden Steckbriefe und Projekte ausgetauscht und dann per Videoanruf in Kleingruppen über Alltag, Kultur, Interessen, aktuelle Themen und weiteres geplaudert. Barbara Wroblewski (4d), schreibt darüber:

This year we had the great opportunity to talk to some students from Ghana in Africa.

In order to prepare for the online meeting, we wrote profiles and presented ourselves in video or text. Then we went through profiles and texts they send us and the students there did the same. We also made mind maps with topics we would like to talk about.

Then it was finally time to talk to them! Our first attempt at contacting them didn’t really go as planned because of technical issues, but our second try went smooth as butter. Talking to the people in Ghana was super fun! I learned a lot about their culture and personal life. I even exchanged contacts with one of the guys I was talking to, so I even made a new friend! I am beyond grateful to be included in such a cool project!