Skikurs 2. Klassen Hochkar

Our Skiing Week at the Hochkar

On Sunday we took the bus to our JUFA hotel on the Hochkar. On the first day, Monday, we got up at a quarter to eight a.m. and had breakfast. At half past nine we made our way to the ski slopes. There were a lot of them. We rode two and a half hours before lunch. At lunchtime we ate very good food and had an hour of spare time. In the afternoon we rode two hours again. At four o’clock we had to go to the gym and had dinner afterwards. Then we played games with our friends. At nine p.m. we had to go to our rooms. The routine for the following days was pretty much the same. The skiing week was very funny, but unfortunately some kids got ill too. However, I hope you guys enjoy the pictures.


Julia Weißbäck, Johanna Landgraf, 2a